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Working to decrease teenage pregnancies and prevent the spread of HIV in the Yucatán

Trabajando para prevenir los embarazos adolescentes y el VIH y ITS en Yucatán

"A Taste of Mérida" 


One of our signature events has done it again!

We are very gratefull for your support on behalf of Fundación BAI A.C.

Working together with our Sponsors and hosts at Hacienda Santa Cruz as well as the talent of the International Chefs that delighted our palate: Pedro Evia (Ku'u'K), Stefano Marcelletti (Oliva Enoteca), Sara Arnaud (Apoala) y Alex Méndez (Hermana República).

Thank's to your kindness we are helping the Yucatán Community in the prevention of HIV, STIs and teenage pregnancies.

Together, "We Are Making a Difference!"


Many thanks to our official Photographer, Omar Cabrera. 



This is one of our two annual “Signature” fundraisers organized by Fundación BAI, to help them prevent HIV, STIs and teenage pregnancies, the other being their popular “Mérida Showcase of Homes” every November.


The evening had sold out weeks before since it’s now considered the “must attend” event of the Spring. Tons of elegantly dressed friends and supporters arrived, clutching their precious tickets for this extravaganza. I was immediately won over, on entering the grand front entranceway, to be greeted by a table filled with chilled prosecco! Perfect for quenching our thirst on this humid evening – we loved that idea! 


Then, meandering through the gorgeously renovated hotel, which has been lovingly and tastefully designed to the highest standards, we explored the extensive grounds. We found our table and discovered that the event had been perfectly set up, way to go Eduardo Sobrino and his team at Margarita Zoreda! More than 150 of us had been accommodated very creatively at the venue, which was not only comfortable but also open and airy enough to walk around and mingle between courses. 


Most of us got together around the cash bar, which had extra large cocktails in red solo cups.  Perfect palate cleansers and unbreakable too!  With prosecco in one hand and a solo cup in the other, we all started fighting for the silent auction items

Dr. Carlos Cabrera, Fundación BAI’s Director General, adds: We are so proud to have such wonderful support from the Community for what we do. Since its inception in 2007, Fundación BAI has touched the lives of 20,000 students with our Peer to Peer education programs and participated in over 700 outreach activities including workshops, health fairs, and rapid detection testing campaigns.  We have tested thousands of people for HIV and have linked to over 150 people to available treatment services. We also provide free on-going psychotherapy and nutrition support our 200 clients.  Thanks to events like this, we have been able to educate, prevent and care for those who are less fortunate than ourselves. Thank you so much.

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